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First, I'd like to say I think this blog is great.

Second, here's my situation. I was raised hard-core Roman Catholic as you were (though I'll admit you're a bit better educated than me on it, it's hard to find someone who is) but I've dropped that because I've found Catholicism to be an untenable product of culture, as opposed to the Word of God.

The thing is, my whole family, so far as I know, is super hardcore Catholic. I love them all, they're great, and everyone being hardcore Catholic has had one incredible effect that I will always be grateful for. My grandparents had 9 children, they all went out, got married, and had 29 grandchildren, and now my whole family lives within about an hour and a half of each other. Everyone gets together for every holiday, a lot of us go to church together, if anyone ever needs something someone will have a connection to get it done on the cheap. It's the most functional family I've ever seen, there's only been one divorce.

While it's quite a beautiful thing, that makes it that much harder to break it to them that I can't stay in lock-step with them any more. I'd like to know if you have any advice on how to approach the subject without getting disowned.

Okay, disowned is an exaggeration. I know they love me and they always will, but I need to declare my independence while still maintaining the strength of the family relationship. I know it's possible, as one of my uncles and his family is part of the Society of Pope Pius X, which I'm sure you know has essentially been excommunicated from the Church.

Could you help me out?