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I think what he was saying was those verses and the teachers and preachers are not giving a fuller picture. For example what do you do with a verse like "your traditions make the word of God of no effect" or the same Paul who wrote that verse you mentioned calling his righteousness crap in Phil 3 around verse 14 or so. Now I think Chase could go on and on but I think what he was getting at is dating without sex has become a religion. In other words it's one thing to do it from your heart and another when so many people do it as their duty or put another way you wouldn't want someone to be polite to you and at the same time on the inside they hate your guts. In fact I've done that countless times with Jesus where I'm praying but I don't want to and while praying my mind is far away. And that's what He said to people way back in His day. He said "your heart is far from me". But take anyone in the Old Testament as an example and their hearts were near even though they didn't follow the "rules". They just knew they were loved like a parent loves a child who doesn't know all the rules. I'm not sure I addressed your point and if you're agreeing with the article or not, but you seem to be saying why Catholics don't believe in premarital sex but I still say most don't give the full picture and will say "it's not up for debate. Just accept it". No one in general normally talks about some of the things I mentioned and many others. You're just expected to not try and compare people to one pair of shoes you will wear forever as Chase's teacher did.