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Hi Chase. I appreciate how you cut through all the politically correct psychobabble regarding heterosexual relationships and deliver your honest perspective.

This is my favorite article. How your grandpa won over your grandmother? Gold.

The articles you’ve written on romance/sex/attraction/relationships ring true for all heterosexual couples in relationships. Period. Regardless of religion.

I'm a devout christian, and I was a virgin. So was my husband. We tied the knot last year. He's a captain in the united states air force, so during most of our relationship, we had to communicate via skype/e-mail. He was very direct with me. There we no doubts in my mind that he wanted me. I've never been ashamed of my sexuality, so I felt the same. But, our morals and commitment to obey what we considered God's commands prevented us from fulfilling our desires without first being married. It was damn HARD. We set ridiculous parameters on our physical relationship to ensure we did not violate a moral principle that was extremely important to us.

I honestly don't know what the difference is for couples who don't wait. I have no frame of reference. Maybe we held out for nothing, and great sex is great sex, regardless. But I doubt it.

All I can say is that the knowledge that my husband is completely mine, that each expression, experience, fantasy, sensation, and discovery has been shared only with me...this fills me with emotions I can't adequately express in words. We have an incredibly fulfilling relationship: spiritually, sexually, and emotionally. For us at least, there are no regrets.