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Hey Walls,

You're making a distinction there that a lot of guys make, and it's typically the reason why men who are more agreeable choose to be more agreeable: they reason, *I* certainly wouldn't like to have some overly dominant, overly masculine guy talking to me like that, so *I* shouldn't be that way either - people won't like it! It's a very considerate way of thinking about things, but it isn't what women find most attractive. Women are more attracted to arrogance than they are to agreeableness.

Granted, there are also some personality differences - I've known guys who were bursting at the seams with energy, smiling, and very alert. You can do that, but you can't be aiming to please - you must be aiming to lead. If your energy levels are higher, your leadership needs to be higher too. Move Brad can hang back and let women come to him and make some very casual "Let's move things forward" gestures, but Interview Brad's got to be excited and DEMANDING ("All right! Let's go! We're going back to my place RIGHT NOW! You're not ready? Of course you're ready! You can get ready on the way - come on!"). Otherwise, the level of energy he's exerting through all the effort he's putting out isn't being matched by his level of results, and women find him less dominant and attractive.

Also worth noting, if you do switch over to a Movie Brad approach, you'll probably go through a dip in results for a while as you adjust to the new role and get comfortable in it. Once you've got it down though, you'll see better results than what you're getting now when being more agreeable (or, you can keep your current posture / expressions, etc., and simply tone up the demands you make on women to get them investing far more and moving even faster, assuming you aren't already).

Seduction Models - that's a great topic; I'll aim to do a write up fleshing that one out, sure.

Dean - I actually haven't studied him much, but let me put him on my watch list and I'll get back to you on that one ;)