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One of your best, Chase!

Loved the Pitt example. This is where visual learning is amazing; I'm normally Brad Pitt in the intetviews (I find it well received usually by women, and it even gets me results) where I'm quietly passionate and gesturing about things, although I speak far less than he did (granted... it's an interview.) Had no idea this was bad form.

I would be personally weirded out if someone talked to me in the tone of voice that Billy Beane (movie Pitt) talked to me in.

So, my question is this: I just use the facial expression and posture of Movie Pitt... right??

My voice not very deep at times, nor commanding. I sound a bit like James Dean (I admire the hell out of how much women love him, and everyone is fascinated by him, so I model some things after him, although he was gay.) For a small sample, check the ill-fated driver safety interview shortly before the dude's death. Is that boring or captivating? Frail or Interesting?

Point is, if I tried to sound like Brad Pitt in that movie clip, it would be forced and obnoxious, just like it sounds.

I'd love more on fundamentals and more visuals on those fundamentals... Voice, this case in particular, and how to develop better tone. And for more suggestions, perhaps more "Seduction Models", including what they do well and what they don't. I know you like James Bond and Harrison Ford, I don't know if you dig Dean.

I know I gave you a ridiculous amount of stuff to tackle here, but anything would be appreciated Chase!

In summary:
Movie Pitt and voice tone?
Is Dean a good model to emulate socially and seductively?