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It's true to say that the more experienced they are the less you can use tricks, but also at the same time, the less you actually need to as well. What you were saying about using it as a minor punishment for social in-experience maybe actually what I'm doing in a way, never really thought bout it like that. It usually happens when the girl leads to a topic I'm either not interested in, or doesn't really lead to anything else, so yeah....

I haven't watched that video yet but I've seen many times how nervous some of these celebs are on camera and yes they just get on with it, people seem to think that celebs are these amazing beings who don't have problems like anyone else. I actually like Brad Pitt as an actor and as a person (from what I can tell) he seems like a decent enough guy.

Oh and if we could have something on rapport, both making and breaking. I've had a few girls break rapport recently and it left me thinking wtf? :)