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Hey Chase,

Thanks for the great advice. I tend to be shy about getting to know a girl well the first time I see her (talk about lighter things because I'm concerned I'll come across as boring or too serious), but all that's changing now.

If I move too slowly at first and see a girl a second time (say in class), is it alright to ask her "how's it going?" or something ordinary like that? Usually she'll tell me about something funny or thought-provoking that just happened to her. It's interesting and personal, but you mentioned before that it would be a bad topic since it's the same thing she talks about with everyone else. So should I say something else at first (maybe an interesting observation about her?), or is there a way I can move off of that topic and start deep diving again?

I think this is what I wanted to ask in a previous comment, but didn't say it quite right. :)