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Hey Flames,

Yes, conversation's one of those things that's kind of a devil to try and teach over type... you lose all the voice tone and nonverbals and that's the majority of what's actually being communicated. A lot of it is left up to the reader's imagination to fill in, and if you aren't on exactly the same page, some assumptions can get made about how it's intended to come across that aren't what the author intended. You almost do better to think of talking as a vehicle for the vibe and atmosphere you want to put across, rather than the words themselves.

You can use the tension-generating no-words pause to good effect, although you need to be mindful of its limitations as well. It works best with women who feel markedly lower than you in social status, and with younger / less socially experienced women (up until maybe 24 or 25ish in general it works fairly well... depends on the girl though, of course). The older she gets and the more experienced with men she becomes, as well as when you find yourself talking to a girl who feels she's "above" you for one reason or another, the more this works only as a tension-generator prior to physical intimacy with a girl, and the less she reacts to this kind of pressure.

Effectively, think of creating pressure as a "fear-based" tactic that works well with those who have some degree of fear or awe for you, and/or those who know they've done something socially amiss; the pressure kicks in and she's afraid of not filling the gap in the conversation. My personal preference is to limit its use to when a woman says or does something rude / testing / unhelpful to the progress of the interaction, as a way of pointing out to her, "You messed up. Now you fix it," while rewarding her with immersive conversation the rest of the time.

But, wherever and whenever you choose to use it, this approach can have some powerful effects on getting girls working to alleviate the pressure and make things more comfortable again.