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How's it going Chase,

These twenty tips are awesome for beginner's(really powerful stuff), and I found a few useful tips for myself as well. Using stuff like this has been a huge change in my social life. Funny how this stuff is not given as advice anywhere. Not in school, the internet(only your site), and other mainstream puas do not even use this but it is so much more effective what you teach than what others teach. It is insane!

Also, thanks for the advice yesterday. I found out how to achieve resonance. Also, I no longer depress my hyoid while trying to add a purr but I realized yesterday that I actually don't specifically know what to do to add a purr sound to my voice. Sorry to bother you about this but I live in a small town with no voice coaches for dozens of miles around. Looking back at George's videos and I can finally hear a difference. He has a sort of rumble that is very distinct from other peoples voices. Tim Allen also sort of has it but not as much. I have been trying in the mic with no success. How do I make that rumble, do I push my breath out a certain way, or move my tongue a certain way(lol), is there like a certain sound I create in the throat? Where does the sound exactly come from? What did you do to add that rumble or purr to your voice? Again sorry to bother you about this but I have made so much progress with my voice and I want to keep going and not have to wait to see a voice coach.

Thanks again,