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Hey chase I want to know if am being too cold. I read your articles on being warm and making a girl feel special, but I can't seem to show the soft side of me, which is telling them I care for them or that I like to spend time with them, or whatever. It makes me feel like if a girl knows you care about her or if you show her she's special she'll take you for granted and since she knows she means something to you she doesn't have to work hard, But if your too cold you go into auto-rejection.

I want to open up to girls and show them that theyre special to me without being taken advantage of and being taken for granted. I just want to know if it's cool to be honest with these females and not look or sound like a chump, how can I open up and still be a challenge?

I also noticed when I actually talk to girls over text or phone I get them liking me and wanting to see me more than just texting for only a date. What I mean is I actually have conversations with girls and we talk like friends, when I try the get to the point method and just ask them to go on a date with me and the fact we know nothing about each other seems to be a problem. It's basically the more we talk and get to know each other before the date, the more likely she won't flake.

But you said to just ask her out and dont do the friendly texting. I just want to know if I went over board on moving fast with texting girls to get dates and how can I build rapport over phone and text to make it easier for them to go out with me? Thanks Chase.