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there is this girl that I like, she is a girl with a dark past, so dark that she gets invited by places to share her story, the first time she was aware I had interest she told me she was going through stuff. I thought she was making up excuses, but then I got word on the side that she was dealing with a lot of issues and that even her adopted mom wanted her to take a break from school and come home to deal with her issues, months went by and then I tried again, we spoke on the phone and she told me she has doubts about me, that are holding her back from building with me and that she doesn't trust me. so months go by and I wait again but keep in despite this, she is not cold or distant toward me, as a matter of fact we have hung out alone together on numerous occasions, she even invited me to her house and I meet her mom, and when I ask her to do stuff with me despite knowing my interest she doesn't reject me but instead goes with me . we even had two weeks in a row where we texted everyday, skyped, and even spoke on the phone for a while (she did all this while knowing that I have feelings for her)!! recently I asked her to go out with me to get some food, she went with me! we were flirting a lot as always!!! the conversation was great, I was making her laugh like crazy!! then she told me a story about her past that she refused to tell me a year ago when I asked her. I was happy cause I felt that through time she got to trust me. it seems like we have great chemistry. but then when I walked her home that night, she told me that she still doesn't feel it, I asked her if she had ever thought about us being a couple. she said that yes she has thought about it. but for some reason, she is just not there...she seemed kinda unsure of herself cause she would pause and hesitate before she spoke, then she even replied..."maybe its not you"...she is not distant or cold towards me, and the fact that she still willingly engages with me makes me feel that I could still get her with time and patience. I have heard many stories from friends that were rejected many times from their girls, but they stuck with it and now they are together...honestly, do you think I should hang in their or not...I feel like this is a game of chess, what should be my next move...