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Ok so ive never posted anythibg like this beforebut i have been chasing a girl for o er two years now the problem is that she is also my best friend and i see her almost everyday we do bf/gf activities except im not getting any of the rewards she knoes how i feel and isnt interested i know this sounds pathticand i do forcemyself to see otherwomen and i do sleep with other women but i only really want her she knows me better then i know myself and vise versa. What she gives up easilyand what ither men take for granted from her (sex) is somethibg that i want to experince with her more then anything i also dont want to loose her friendship so idk i know it will probably never work my confidence is just destroyed why is it that she will give herself so easily to other men but not me? I dont get it im not unattractive and i usually have no problem sleepibg with women just this one girl i cant make myself stop caring for her id do anythin for her and i dont want to loose her but at the sametime im stuck in this rut and ive already told her im always going to be jealous of other men. Anyhow sorry for writing so much.