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Hello Chase, This article is 100% identical to me right now. I know this girl through Facebook for 2 weeks now, we haven't met in reality though (I actually offered to take her on a date in the park and she said why not) but one time we talked and I guess I got a pretty damn huge mouth, I guess it got annoying for her so she said she was offended by me (we were engaged in a light verbal friendly battle) and she said she wouldn't talk to me since then. So she didn't, and I with 99.9% of my stupidity tried to contact her every 2-3 days, like a helpless dog bleeding to death on the streets unless I get some attention. It happened last friday, today is Thursday and its almost been a week now.
I am thinking that this battle is lost for me, she communicates with other rival males just fine and out in public through comments, etc. but won't even respond to a simple hello. She is obviously doing fine, uploading photos of herself as usual, talking to friends, posting about how tired of life she is... the usual 'frustrated' stuff. I just realized that I was chasing her for the past few days, and that this is just WRONG. I am unsure if I should move on or is there any last resort for me - a second and final chance (I get alot of these in my life, and usually I make that 2nd chance count and never repeat mistakes!) to at least meet the person in Reality, even if we will be just friends that's totally fine with me.
The article makes me think a lot and see things more clearly, I was aiming to be Persistent but I ended up panicking and Chasing her, making it bad.
I could use an opinion, is there any chance for a last long-shot in the dark ? Anything at all just to try?