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Very interesting article. I agree with most of it but there's some parts of it that I don't agree with. It also feels like this article is geared a lot more in favor of the female perspective of what is acceptable in the eyes of a woman in regards to the ways men should and shouldn't act accordingly When approaching them, which I immediately disagree with . At the end of the day men and women are equal and there's really no Playbook about how men or women should act towards each other to get one another . The end result is really General biology and psychology. If a woman likes a man even if he screws up badly with her by his actions by chasing her or act stupid she still going to give him a chance and decide to be with him if she's physically and emotionally attracted to him. That's just basic human human nature,biology, and psychology no rules written there. As human beings we always want to create an explanation for anything or dictate how other people should live their lives or what's the best way to approach the situation . We always want to create an explanation for anything in order to make ourselves feel better about situations we can't always explain. In this article is a great example. that's basic human nature .but some things like love and attraction there are no rules or ways to go about getting somebody or having somebody like you it's already there Yes I do agree with the fact that it is crazy for a guy to keep chasing a girl if she has communicated that she's not interested in him. but again these are women that were talking about. A woman may say one thing but she really means something different or she may act one way but she really is wanting something different. And every woman is different and not every woman is vocal about what she wants and some women don't know what they want so as men that puts us in a difficult position , which is why again everything is not as black and white as this article painted out to be every person in every situation is different so you can't always just move on from somebody that you like if they haven't completely communicated that they don't like you because some women act like they don't like a guy when they really do. some men that chase yes are obsessed but they're also men the chase that are actually in love and some of those men actually do end up getting the girl if she feels the same way but you can't just give up if you're in love because that's how you lose people and those of us men that do find the woman we want to be with the rest of our lives don't just move on to other women with the snap of our fingers it's not always that easy unless of course we know that the girl we like doesn't like us but again there's no real way to always be able to tell that. Except to be patient and keep your options open because some women don't always express what they want, again the female biology of complicated women. At the end of the day though there's really no rules on how to go about relationships or connecting with people if a woman wants to be with a man even if she doesn't communicate it right away she will make sure that she is with him eventually and the same thing goes for men as a man wants to be with a woman eventually it will happen like it's meant to be. So what I'm saying is you have to follow your heart not rules that people tell you or basic expectations that people dictate in order for person Define lover get someone that they want. For us men you have to just trust your instincts and be yourself, and if you screw up hopefully you learn from your mistake get back on the horse and hope that the next girl you get