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Hi Chase,

Thanks for a great article. It has given me some insight for my current situation. I have this guy who's been calling and texting me for nearly a month now from the last time I spoke to him, and he's still not getting the hint. The number one thing that men need to understand about the chasing approach is that it's not only unattractive....IT'S SO CREEPY. You're not going to get a girl by making her annoyed and fearful.

My question for you Chase, my inclination is to just text him back letting him know that I'm not interested. However, my friends think it's a bad idea because he might ask why which will open a can of worms. To give you some more info, we did hangout and fool around a few times... I would say a total of about 6 times in a two weeks period. However, the whole time we were just hanging out as friends. I pulled back because I don't think he was understanding the just friends part. Does this change the situation as far as how I should handle this? Should I just keep ignoring his calls, or should I text him letting him know that I'm not interested? Thanks in advance for your response.

A note to men:

Men have this idea that women want to hear all this flowery language... sure, once we get to know you, you can delve into your emotions and tell us the many ways you cherish us. But when you've only dated a woman a few times... texting her all the time that you miss her, you love her, and a bunch of crazy nonsense is once again creepy. It also makes a woman feel like you're playing her and undermining her intelligence in the process.... just saying.

Also...You always hear about how women don't value their worth... but it's amazing how many men are guilty of the same. You should seek someone whose worthy of your love and attention. Why would you want to blow up the phone of a woman who's clearly not interested? If she's not calling you back after a second attempt.... leave it alone. Seriously, when men and women are interested... they react. It's not hard to figure out, there's no science behind it. When a girl is interested, she's literally waiting for your call and taking measures to make sure she doesn't miss it or at the very least gets back to you in a timely manner. To those who are like "well what if there's a phone mishap," if you've texted and called leaving a message and a phone mishap has prevented it from going through, go ahead and conclude that it's fate stepping in on your behalf. Every girl you meet is not going to have a phone mishap preventing your messages from going through, so don't fool yourself.