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I'm not here to whine about this or anything but this is why I don't really try to get women that much anymore. I like myself, I like just acting in instinct. My instincts basically mean that I'm not attracted to most women but when I am I show it. This whole article seems to be stating that women very much like me who train themselves to act in a certain way, who deny their feeling as and who generally contort themselves into some odd shape or other. I'm not going to sit here and say it's unfair or that women are mean or anything childish like that but I will say that it seems that women are very much set aginst men that love them and will do things for them. I've read enough and it seems like women simply want a certain level of friction. They don't want to get what they want, they want to almost get it... or to sometimes get it... So that it's worth more to them.

I don't like this. I don't like having to train myself to act a certain way. Considering that women also believe that men should "whether the storms of their emotions, perhaps my problem is that I'm too much of a female in my head." I don't have emotional storms, in fact I'm pretty stoic, except when I care about something. I want to be able to show that I care when I do. Its a rare occurance for me and I like to express it. I don't like the metagaming and mental bullshit. At the end of a day I want who likes me for me and I don't think women are really set up to do that. I think men are but women aren't. They pair up on the idea of future prospects. In any case it frustrates me a bit because the moment I do ally am into a woman... And it's few and far between, I start trying to make her happy... and I totally lose out. But for me, making women happy is the fun part of the relationship. Finally after all these shotty people I deal with I find a girl who impresses me enough that I just WANT to make her happy... only if I do. I'm unattractive. I could read books and what not and learn to "fix" this. It I'm stubborn I guess. I don't think anything is whoring with me. I just find it funny that in this day and age where women are encouraged to be their true selves and act in whichever way they please, I as a man am not accepted unless I follow this incredibly nuanced code of manliness which is entirely unapparent to me. Guess that's just how it is though.