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"You fail to make a move or miss an obvious sign"

Yep. I'm in an ambiguous place right now, and fairly uncharted territory for me. I definitely missed a powerful escalation window on our first date, although I did so very adroitly and from a position of relative strength.

Without going into excrutiating detail, I definitely made some missteps -- I think I'm still wayyyy sexier than almost any man she's had in her life, but I didn't nail it perfectly. I think, though, I'm in borderline slow-game, provider territory due to having been a bit too gushy a couple of times. Thankfully, she seems relatively okay with that and has been responding pretty positively.

I'm thinking that is a way to follow up even past a failed escalation window by internally owning the mistake, and not trying too hard. I've been following up / keeping in touch, expressing my interest persistently, clearly, and with leadership, but not crowding her.

Problem is, I've never done this before. I'm pretty decent at the quick close nowadays. I'm not so good at the slow game. It feels strange to keep trying after missing an escalation window.