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nice article here, it really speaks the truth!
What i was wondering is, i am a female, but what is considered Persistence/Chasing? I had a guy staring at me for a whole year. He never talked to me, just once or two times..but it wasn't a long conversation. Then one time he asked me for my number i gave it to him, we texted for a couple of months. He asked me out in the meantime, but he cancelled. Then he would again stare at me and text me to hang out..(maybe 5 or 6 times) but he doesnt really give me a time. This is going on for 3 years. I have the feeling he wants me to take the lead, but im not going to. It's a guys job you know. Still he stares at me and gets nervous, but it gets really irritating. He never talks. Is it my fault that i didnt do anything or doesnt he know how?