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I met a girl 2 years ago.

Actually she chased me longtime at the beginning. I didnt fall in love, but I like her, our conversations, our common interests. We got a relationship where I developed my feelings for her. I was feeling very comfortabel and I stayed myself (not overwhelmed and not losing myself ). We travelled a lot together, did nice things ...
But I felt we missed some connection ... she stayed on distance ... I wondered myself sometimes 'what am I doing next to this girl' ...
Last months (till en June) my feelings got stronger, and I really needed some real time with her (facing, talking, being together) beside the nice trips we did (she did a lot of internships abroad, and I joined her).

End June, she broke up. Her feelings changed out of the blue, she said. She also blamed me never saying 'i love you', or she said she wanted to be more together ... but she never told me that. She kept me out of this information. She did talked with a good friend tough. But not with us.

After break-up, she immediately claimed my attention a lot. Every time I stopped bit communication. There she was back.
I had no clue what was happening.

Till now, 2 months later, I'm actually chasing her (too much), and I'm more or less out of control. Lost myself I think.

I have no clue what happened here. Last week, she asked to have a chat together when she said about our relationship "I realise just now how you lived our relationship, I didnt know (she though it was not important to me)", and also " thank your for everything, especially for your patient last weeks".

Okay, she wants to talk about our relationship ... but since a week ... very silent from her side.

Anyway, I forgot NOT to chase her. But I have no clue what game this girl is playing.