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I had a guy, this past summer (2015) take my business card because he expressed interest in piano lessons (that is what I do for a living and I'm glad to help anybody who is interested in learning); and as soon as he had my number in his phone, changed the tone of the conversation to wanting me and wanting to marry me and take me to Jamaica (he'd known me for under 10 minutes at this point).

I was kind of disturbed by that but I wanted to be "nice" so I left it alone. He has been calling me fairly regularly and texting me since then. Usually it's not rude but it's not wanted.

I have to admit that I have not once responded or answered; partly due to the timing of his calls/texts, but mostly because of my wanting to be "nice" (definitely a part of my need to appear as a nice person/my ego) and not wanting to talk to him. I know I should have nipped this in the bud. But I find it really weird to continue like this with no response. He has now tried to add me to facebook and that is weird to me too.