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You generalize about women.
Some very attractive women are very hard to 'get' because they are dedicated to the idea of romantic love and usually involved with someone.
By your logic, you would simply 'move on' and pickup some one who is readily available, as if all women are the same.
But, a man who chases this unavailable woman correctly, romantically, consistently, strongly. He can and often does 'win' her. And yes, he will 'possess' her forever. Open your eyes, there are plenty of examples of women who give themselves completely to a man. They want that 'forever love' that you tend to ridicule. They have had quick pick-up artists on their backs their whole life.. they automatically put a barrier up whenever a guy tries to progress into a physical or romantic relationship.They test his commitment. Note I am talking about the real feminine, super hotties here. Not a run of the mill practical types.