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Dear Author,

You make the point that 'chasing' in general is bad.
Use examples of a needy woman, to demonstrate the unattractiveness of a 'chasing' man.
Also, imply that the idea that 'Once I have her she is mine forever' is a false myth that stalkers tell themselves.

I have observed in my life experience, friends and otherwise, chasing women. With flowers, with texts, with persistent 'why don;t you love me any more ? cry baby self pity.
Eventually, after a period of 3 to 12 months, this woman will marry that man. The woman will then determine and persist to stay with that man for the rest of her life, raise his children and be totally committed despite being miserable and arguing a few times per week for the rest of her life.

I believe that 'chasing' is natural behavior in Men, because it often results in flipping the 'Switch' in a woman that turns her from being, independent and child-less to 'a mother of children completely devoted to her man', even if he is mentally and genetically inferior.

Observe nature.
Observe deer in season, birds, frogs, monkeys.
My main problem with the article is the flawed technique of asking yourself what you find attractive in a women, in-order to understand what she finds attractive. They are not the same, nowhere near it.