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Dear chase,
I met this girl when i was travelling on a business trip to colombia. I asked her out and first she said no. But then later after exchange of intense texting, she agreed to go out but just as friends as she is a very shy and emotional person. so went out for dinner and everything turned out good. we had similar interest , passions , so we got along very good. so on the second dinner, i told her that i like her and said i am very straight guy so i am putting everything on the table as i was flying back to my country in an weeks time. i was surprised that we got so much comfortable that she came forward and kissed me and we even made out several times.

when i returned back to my country, we were continuously chatting and occasionally sending pictures. but as me being emotional, i sent her some deep messages about me missing her and stuff. but after 3 weeks or so, she said she has cooled down and wants to focus on her career as she is moving to paris for her masters. which then i decided to just talk further and get to know each other and lets see how far this thing goes and she said yes to that.

now the current status is she sometimes tries to make me jelous or just misses my attention , i am confused. i am planning to cut down on the frequency of texting and also willing to walk away for sometime.

please let me know the best approach i should use to take this further