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This girl I met through my friends social circle, I met now about two weeks ago we first started talking when she added me on face book and a few days later I asked one of her friends which happens to be my cuzin's girlfriend and asked we if she was single and that I would like to talk to her. Her friend gladly talked to her and she said yes!! So she gave me her number and I started to text her, we hit it off like a rocket and we connected so fast and so deep it was a dream come true, I asked her if she was willing to go on a date with me and she said yes, it couldn't get any better, we talked every night and it was even more deeper of a connection. Then the day came that we where going to hang out and it was great, then we hung out and she didn't seem like she was interested very much she didn't look at me very much and and always tried to look in her eyes and complement her, I did get some eye contact and I was good. She left early. She does have a young daughter which is very important to we which I did earlier in the week tell her I do respect that she does have a big responsibility an that I would never get her to choose me or her daughter. The next day I texted her and she didn't seem to interested in talking to me and that she was going to go hang out with her (male) friend that is visiting the city that she has not seen for a few years. I told her have a great time enjoy her self and told her to text me later, she said thanks and for me to have a good day as well. She never did text me back and he next day se didn't text me until I did at the middle of the day. And it was how her night was and it was short and sweet. She never texted me the next day. It doesn't feel like she was interested when she saw me as much as in the texts. What should I do? Should I give her time and she will come around after she spend time with her friend? And when should I ask her to spend time with me again?
Any pointers will help thanks,