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Hi Chase

So i met this girl in college and we in the same class and i really liked her.One day she came to my place coz she wanted to get some movies and we ended up hanging out to the extend that we passionately kissed.The next day i saw her and we talked about it and i told her that i am developing feelings for her and she said she is too but she just got out of a long term relationship and she needed time to shake it off.I played it cool and we just communicated most of the time through text and when i mention something like how i feel about her she would backtrack and not reply.Sometimes she would ignore my messages and make irrational excuses not to meet me up.The issue was getting her to hang out with me was a hustle.So i kept on asking her to come and hang out with me till she agreed so she came to my place and we got wild a bit we kissed and we nearly had sex.That day i told me that i was falling in love with her.After that day she has began dragging her feet about seeing me and she would take long to text me back.It was just kinda odd to me.So this other day i asked her to come and sleep over at my place but she did not reply for 2 days and thats when she said she is was not comfortable with that.So i decided to go to her place and get this straight and she told me she cant be in a relationship with me coz she is so overwhelmed and the timing was not right and she has got issues to deal with.Now im confused, does she rily like me or i should let her slide coz this thing has been eating me emotionally.