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Hi, hopefully you can help me solve this dilemma.. really messing with my head!

Okay so this girl I am very interested in came out of a 3 year relationship 4 months ago. Is by far the hottest girl I know and pretty much nobody can argue with that, this isn't only my opinion. She knows this too.

Anyways I've been trying with her for 2 months or so, on and off since I'm not a guy who like nagging a girl after things don't go easily in my favor, recently we've gotten closer ( or at least I think so ). So after leaving things for around 2 weeks I bumped into her in a night club, we spoke, danced together, got with each other.. spoke about being close etc and she poured her heart out to me about why she's a little hesitant but didn't give me a straight answer after I confronted her on if she was unsure or just not interested etc. Eventually the conversation got deep, towards the end of the night she kept wanting to make sure I went home etc ( maybe she is a little unsure if she can trust me and if I'd go off with someone else ). She kept telling her sister how much of a nice guy I was, asked me to meet her mum and kept saying her sister approved of me etc in front of her mum.

When i'm with her in person its usually like this, everythings fine and good but this time it was a lot better and closer. The problem is... when she isn't with me she doesn't bother with me much, either replies to my messages after an hour or two and sometimes not at all.. even though recently she's been very flirty a few times. But then the next day she doesn't bother to message me back :????

Very very confusing, I don't want to keep nagging if she isn't interested but it seems to me like so many mixed signals I really don't know what to think! one of her friends told me she's playing hard to get while another told me she isn't really looking to be with any guys since her head is messy from her last relationship and it caused her a lot of problems.. and it seems like it did from what she explained, maybe that's also why she kept telling her mum I was a nice guy?

We've organized things once and a few days before the date she cancelled, when I've asked her to go for a meal or drinks recently she hasn't given me straight answers, but then again she was a little tipsy at the time... -_-

In short, ignores or is lazy to speak to me when she isn't physically with me, sometimes shows signs of being flirty or interested but only for short periods. When she's with me in person she is very flirty and seems very interested and also seems like she is hinting at being with me, asking me to meet family etc but the next day she's completely different.

Should I keep trying or just leave? Am I being the chasing freak or not being persistent enough? This is seriously F***ing with my head as I am very interested. Advice from women or people with similar past experiences would be great!