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I agree with you & sometimes it is nearly impossible to draw those most simple and precise conslusions like you do here. If someone should have her, he would have her by now. It does not really explain it, but I never got into a relationship from that.

Thinking about it I missed some opportunities because I was still hurt from a break up and I still met a few beautiful ladies, maybe just for a romp, what the hell. But yes I will not pursue her with some delay. It will always look like I as a man needed too much time to gather my courage that should have let me go for her instantly. No matter how valid and merited my hesitation and desire to calm down after a recent break up is.

The only thing here that sucks: if you do not have any girls falling for you, your advice is useless. And I had had times, I could go crazy.

This went on for months.

Problem is. I cannot hang out with people and spoil time listen to boring stories. I am someone who likes to get results. I am impatient. Often in a good way. I have plenty of acquaintances who hang around with the same folks and don't move on in life. I never had friends who pushed me forward or who tried to do something mutually beneficial.

I hate dating advice in the internet. The only things it reveals is that you ought to have a good job, good looks, good friends who help you out and invite you on plenty of occasion where plenty of women who are available are there to meet you.

The only people I know who have the energy to do all that do not have a proper job and obligation, they live a slacker lifestyle that allows them to permanently hit on women.

I can gather the energy, but it is sometimes impossible to feature my best side when I previously spent my energy on other issues.

I just don't know. The advice given is often as correct as it is useless. Guys who look for a woman at their side do not do that 24-7. Hit the bars four times a week is quite hard.

Well I need to chissel and chunk away some gut&belly. I am far from Babe Ruth, but I think looks open up so much. You cannot score from having a PhD or anything immaterial, but anything the girls eye can catch will help.