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I'm bad at picking up girls so I waste too much effort on the ones I do know though I would not say I'm wasting time as it is not much to have a few conversations. With some I can exchange my whole life in 3days of constant talking but with the rest probably the vast majority my lacking social skills are killing me. For instance now there's this cute girl and seemingly nothing is wrong with her so in theory we should get along just fine but I have troubles in thinking of topics to converse so we could get to know each other better. Been on a date with her which was fine, nothing special but she is kinda reserved so I only managed to get a good night kiss...on a cheek. I understand her cuz we barely know each other but now I don't even know should I try another deit with her. Is it worth persisting, maybe she just wants me to show I'm interested, though she didn't text me yet first which is bugging me.
Also I wonder why is picking up girls so hard for me, yeah my social skills are not awesome but they are not that baad either, I'm considered attractive so for shallow relationships at least what's the problem?