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Hi Chase,

Awesome article, just wish I had seen it earlier! I have a question I was hoping to see what you thought. There is a girl in my class at the beginning of the semester and we got paired into a group. At first, she was really interested in me and constantly talking to me online. I just wasn't 100% sure of my feelings for her at the time and was going through a lot so I didn't really do anything with her. So after 2 months of this from her, she lost interest. Right around then, I was able to get a lot of things under control on my part financially and I also realized I really did have feelings for her as I got to know the real her.

Then, I believe she lost interest and didn't really show any signs towards me and might have tried to play hard to get. I gave up after 2 weeks or so to "cut the chord" if you will and right around then, she started to show interest in me again about 1.5 weeks ago. The problem is, I just didn't act fast enough as it was only a week and classes just ended (meaning I won't see her again until I maybe bump into her after winter break). Right after my last class, she was shy to talk to me and I couldn't talk to her as she was talking with people.

She did send me an IOI filled message talking about how great I was (which I think was to see if I would still respond to her since she didn't talk to me in class). I made a key mistake in making the texting too long and boring, which she ended up not responding to eventually.

I then tried to call her to ask her out but ended up playing phone tag about 4 times with her (I know first hand that she was legitimately busy). She texted me saying, "Sorry about that! I was out having dinner!" I told her I would talk to her later.

In the past, I had asked her out one time and she didn't reject nor accept (she just asked me why I wanted to go with her to get smoothies instead of going by myself). That was when she wasn't really appearing to be interested in me.

Given that it is finals time, I believe she is very busy. However, with the fact that she was still giving me IOIs up until three days ago, would you just attribute it to her showing those IOIs as a result of wanting the attention I gave her initially or if it was real interest?

Because she probably only has one or two free days before winter break, would you cut the chords now and wait until next semester or give it another shot (which might appear to be chasing)? Thanks!