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Hey Tony,

Yeah, that's kind of an unusual one - inviting you to join her family for Thanksgiving? Could be she really liked you, or could be he parents were pressing her about having a boyfriend and she needed a stand-in to get them off her back. Hard to say.

It sounds to me like she showed up first to butter you up ("Oh, what a nice unexpected surprise visit!") then to ask you to help her out, without calling it that ("Come to Thanksgiving and get my parents off my back!"). If she's unresponsive / excuse-making about texts, that means she's already got a full life and things going on that are more important to her than you - could be she's doing casual relationships with guys, dating a guy her parents wouldn't like, dating a girl, etc.

Or, could've just been she wanted you as a boyfriend and moved things quickly to position you as that. But, once a girl's family approves strongly of you, it can actually be a big dampener on attraction if you haven't solidified a strong sexual connection first, so that's also a possibility.

Your best bet is probably to fall off the map for a while. If she genuinely liked you, her family will bug her about you and it'll make her want to get back in touch. If she didn't, then you can just move on and find women who aren't a hassle replying to you.