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Ok Chase, I'm Really sorry to keep talking about this topic but Im tired of doing what I think is right but is wrong and this will be my last comment on it because I've got to really do things on my own but this is more than just her and I, I don't want any other woman to have control over me or have me under some "spell". But I'm kind of lost with the control and spell part, how do you not let a girl control you and how do you control her? And what do you mean by a spell she has over me? She's flipping out on me and doing things for me, while I don't do shit. But could you just explain how to break this spell, I think you said to break it by dating other girls but I do and how would she know? I'm thinking of just telling her to stop playing games and that I want her to come over but if she doesn't I'll just tell her to cut the flirting out and get out my face. Tell me of that sounds good. Thanks again chase, and This is my last comment on this lol.