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Thanks Chase for another great one. I've been trying to follow your tips, and actually did listen to you about reading when a woman is horny and making a move fast. I had a party at my place this past weekend with a few friends, and there was a girl over at my place who is a friend of mine who basically started putting her hands on me. I pulled her into a corner and we started making out. Eventually we did some fooling around but she wasn't looking to sleep with anyone that night, which I respected so I took her home.

Now when I asked her about the other night she said she wants us to just remain friends because she's got commitment issues (past boyfriends treated her like total crap from what I know). But I would like to see her again because from what I know about her she seems great. Should I ask her out or just leave it be because of the commitment issues? I just don't know how to read her signals since she was the one who instigated whatever happened that night yet wants to just be friends. Thanks in advance for everything.