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Hey Nem,

This one's a pretty tough call because in my experience the normal slow-dating process doesn't work 95% of the time, but she's a girl at work and you've already got strong emotions for her, which means you probably won't be able to fast-game it and she may have a lot of reservations if you try, anyway.

Sure, try and get some leadership and momentum going moving it from one venue to another, that's a good start. You seem like you're on a more traditional dating trajectory here, and this one's Date #2. Museum => Dinner + Drinks seems solid, and then you can do cooking her dinner at your place for Date #3. Or, if you want to be extra certain, one more dinner outside for Date #3, in a more casual place, and really get a sexual vibe going, but you end the night first and leave her wanting it bad. Then on Date #4 have her over for dinner, and take her as your lover.