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Hey Sam,

What's you're basically saying you want is a woman who takes it slow with you and views you as, essentially, a husband candidate. That's when girls will dress up, refuse to take things fast, and let it unfold over time.

The great news, I suppose, is that almost every woman is open to this: you've simply got to date women the way a regular guy does - e.g., wine and dine her, take her out to fancy dinners, make it an occasion.

Women will treat you how they think you are for them.

You meet a girl and she's dressed up great, and then you plan a move-fast date at the local dive bar, she won't dress like a million bucks for that, but she may well end up in bed with you.

You meet a girl and she's dressed up great, and then you plan a take-it-slow date at Chez Ritz, the local 5-star Italian restaurant, and she'll show up in heel-to-toe glamour. Zero chance of her coming home with you, but her expectations will be that you're courting her as a potential wife, and she will put on the display you're looking for. She's not going to go to bed with you any time soon, but she will give you time to let things unfold because you're competing for the husband role, and this is a lot more serious to her than a quick fling, where it is, essentially, "now-or-never."

It's all in the expectations you set and the environment you create for her. If you want her to dress up and slow game it, you have to set the proper expectations for that first (husband, not fast moving, etc.).