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Hey Roscoe,

That's a tough call. You can sometimes try and pretend the fumble never happened and keep moving on with her per usual, but much of the time your "cover is blown" and she now sees you as a nice guy / friend zone candidate / boyfriend candidate who was only imitating a sexy lover type.

If you take time off and reconnect though, that only gives her time to have that impression gel in her mind. The only way to do a full reset is for her to see you doing well with other women and restore your male sexuality in her eyes.

There's no really great option here, but for my money the best bet is usually soldiering on and pushing for her to meet up and just moving it forward as solidly and continuously as you can. Sometimes you'll get her out and she'll keep moving forward with you despite the earlier fumbles. Much of the time she'll be resistant though, as the terms of the engagement have been reset (before, it might've been that you were skeptical and she was competing for your interest; now it's that she is skeptical, and you're competing for hers).

My take would be go for it now, make no more mistakes, but realize that you've rolled downhill and now you're fighting uphill on this one. Try it, learn from it, and do things better with the next girl.