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Thanks chase but I did imply that I wanted to sleep with her early on and then she said that's all I want from her cause that's all that guys want and that I mess with a lot of girls. Then she said if we were to sleep together we might as well date but then says to me we can't because she's my boss. So I was cool with it and I have rewarded her with romance but when I ask her to come over she gives me the boss excuse. She really acts like my girl with all this nagging she does, it's like a relationship without sex UGH! Should I let her cool off for a few days? And what the hell does she want from me, does she want me to ignore the excuses and Lead her to come over? I already told her I was interested but she never told me that she was or wasnt, so I figured since I didn't sleep with her I could just still be cool with her and She still likes to hang out time to time, but this last time she just went nuts.