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Hey Chase!

So I've gotten past this phase of chasing, I don't have a lot of abundance, but like you, I'm busy and don't have time to waste on girls who are going to take up my time.

Anyways, I wanted to get your opinion on this situation since as I'm sure you know, a lot of people value your advice, including myself. So I was seeing this girl, and a few weeks back, she came to my place and shortly after, I grabbed her and madeout with her. She was into it, except I made a few rookie mistakes that I regret... after she left, I was texting her too much, and I think she had a bit of buyer's remorse because after I moved her, I feel like I didn't emotionally connect to her as well as I could have (my fault there).

Currently, we have been texting a bit, and she responds to everything I send, usually within a few minutes (not like hours later). I on the other hand, unintentionally message her back hours, sometimes even days later (because I've lost that need to keep chasing girls through experience and due to my schedule), so the law of least effort is working naturally in my favour. We might be meeting up later this week, but I'm not too sure how she's feeling about me. I feel like she feels taken advantage of due to the buyer's remorse from a few weeks back (about a month has passed), and it just seems kind of 'off' like I'm not crazy into her and she's not crazy into me, probably due to the long text message conversations I initiated, which I regret doing. I went from showing her not much value to a lot of value, by dropping some emotional bombs on her through text (forehead smack). I want to escalate things further next time were out, but I'm a bit concerned that I waited too long. My interactions with her have been on and off for a month, but she's been responsive throughout. I'm trying to gage how she feels, whether I've broken the sexual frame, if I should pursue this opportunity; it's just a weird situation. I don't want to give up on her because she has a lot of qualities that would benefit me, so I wanted to see your thoughts.

Thanks, and appreciate your posts/advice!