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Thanks for your reply, Chase, but concerning the following:

"if a girl wants sex with a guy, much of the time she won't put in any extra effort. There was a female commenter I quoted on there who noted that she wasn't going to bother putting in extra time to get all dressed up for some guy she was just going to sleep with."

You know men are biochemically programmed to be visual beings. When I am attracted to a feminine woman with high heels, I do not expect to see something less than the image that made me attracted in the first place. As I have other numbers to use to get dates, everything becomes a matter of comparison. If a woman thinks that it is too much for her to dress up and repeat, if not further accentuate, the initial image that made me attracted to her in the first place, then I don't see why I should risk going to my job the next day sleepless and tired. It is all about cost-benefit after all.

Another way to put it: you have always advocated that guys should have more nuanced criteria than just looks. I totally agree. What if I told you that part of my other criteria is a woman who doesn't judge me by our first date and makes it feel like a "now-or-never" issue?