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Hey George,

On 1, it's chasing if you keep investing in the pursuit without making anything happen. If you disappear and go cold for a while, then come back strong, it may not be chasing, but once she knows you like her, you've got a limited escalation window to make something happen, and then it's gone.

On 2, she sounds like she REALLY likes you and is heavily invested in you, and is angry that you're not sleeping with her yet. Essentially, she's straddling auto-rejection. When you start getting, "Look how much I've done for you!" it means she feels like she's not getting the romance / sex / relationship from you she wants. Next time she gets angry, if you want to try something really ballsy, try just staring at her for 4 or 5 seconds, letting the tension build with you not saying anything and her not saying anything, and then just grab her and kiss her. It might make her even MORE pissed off, or it might lead to some really wild passion... hard to say until you do it.

One note though - you've already set pretty bad precedent here by demanding a lot (tons of compliance) without rewarding (sex), which means if you end up in any kind of relationship with this girl, it's going to be flawed from the outset... so I recommend against that. Even sleeping with her... if she's this invested in you at this point, she's going to expect a LOT. You won't be starting off casual with her, unless you're prepared to weather some large scale drama. She feels like you're hers already, and she earned you, and you aren't putting out / holding up your end of the bargain.