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This article is fire man. The most fundamental point in seducing women is being a master of your emotions. Mastering fear, uncertainty, rejection, procrastination, approach anxiety, etc. It's FUCKING HARD, but when you can do it you are better off as a human being... I'm not there yet but definitely further along than I was a year ago...

I was reflecting the other day and thinking that it's best to be willing to walk away at any time from a woman who isn't cooperating, even a gf. I think this fear of being willing to move on NOW is what messes a lot of guys up. It messed me up when I was younger... But if a girl likes you it's easy to get together with her. Once you get more experience with women you realize that some seductions are relatively 'easy' because she really liked you. Then when you encounter a woman who really isn't cooperating, her body language isn't welcoming, and she doesn't return any interest at all you can say well if she liked me as much as the girls before her then she'd be more cooperative. Too bad. Her loss. And move on. Now some girls are shy and aloof or want to see 'how badly you want them' so they'll make you work for it. So you persist long enough to a point where your ego isn't being damaged and give them enough rope to make things happen with you. If they don't take that chance at that point then be gracious (not bitter) and cut bait and walk away.

But once you adopt the mindset of being willing to walk away then you are liberated. Then their little behaviors no longer CONTROL you (e.g. passive aggressive, coyness, shit-testing you, etc). You are no longer kept from from saying the things on your mind (if she misbehaves) for fear that you might lose her if you 'insult' her. You can be assertive and dominant without fear of losing the hot woman in front of you. Why? Because it's no big deal if you don't get THIS one. By persisting long enough with enough women there's one out there that you will find one day.

The end result? You are confident and your behavior is showing that you are. It's one thing to say 'I'm confident', but it's another thing to ACT confidently when in the heat of the moment and actually persist in a suave, charming way, or to be assertive and dominant. And we already know how much women love confidence and persistence...