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"Life's too short to spend your ticking clock on people who don't want to be with you. Spend it on the ones who do - and on finding them, if there aren't any around at the moment."

Chase, the difficulty starts when you actully can't tell when a woman wants to be with you or not. Let me give you an example:

On a Saturday night I talk to a woman I liked. She was with friends, I was with friends. I get her number after arranging a meeting for the very next day. To make the long story short: within 20 hours we were kissing in a very atmospheric lounge bar. On Monday I had to wake up early, so I wanted to "tap" the girl with a kiss...then get back to her to 2 days later to "seal the deal". When I texted her to do exactly that, she said she was busy and that she would contact me if she found free time. Since then (last week) I have dropped any further contact and she hasn't contacted me either.

Now what happened here? Was this girl really into me only for that night? Did I miss any escalation window? Well, I doubt it and this is why: when a woman wants sex right now, she would leave no doubt about it; she would first of all dress up, right? Well...the woman in question came to the first date significantly "scaled down" appearence-wise. On Saturday night she was a femimine creture with skirts and high heels. On Sunday night with me she wore flat boots and a leather jacket. Did she seriously expect me to take things to the next level?

How would you categorize this woman? Did she want to be with me or not?