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Hello again Chase, another good post.

I have to admit I'm a survailance guy, i know it's not a great place to be in. :)

And your right to a certain extent that usually it come from me missing an opportunity and then going over the top in order to 'fix it'. I am however getting myself out of this habit and partially it's also because I'm that 'slow guy'. I'm looking for quality over quantity any day which means I'm probably over screening people.

One thing that pops up though for me is that in my case I am actually getting her 'investment' and interests, but it seems to always end up in these excessive push/pull matches once it goes past a certain length of time in that I'm not 'loosing them' completely but not getting any further either. In other words I'll invest upto a point and no further but they won't meet that point with me (if that makes sense).

Another thing I remember a post when you were talking about a girl at a train station you picked up and you could 'just tell' she wanted to talk with you. I'm getting so I can pick up this vibe/intuition and it's not a thing I can explain, any way you can explain it? :)

And one final thing (although im fairly sure if the answer already). what does it mean when a girl you work with shows up whenever you around, then refuses to talk with you (sometimes
turning away so you can't), but then again when your alone with her asks deep and personal