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I don't know if you got my pervious message but my device froze and when I tried sending you it I was told it was spam, so what ever I did wrong my bad!

I just have Two questions. 1. Is this chasing if you cant get intimate with a girl at work your workplace because she's over you?(which is why it's kinding of taking long because are jobs are at risk but we still do stuff were not allowed to do.)

2. How does this girl feel about me chase? She gives me a lot of investment but this one time she flipped out on me telling me I'm trying to use her and why can't I ask anyone else to do what she's doing. I never tried taking advantage of her she just never said the word no ever to me even during that time. She told me I make her late for things, that what I ask is out of her way and that she doesn't do this for Any one else and thattabs will never do anything for me again it's really important. I remember when you said a girl giving you any kind of emotion is better than her being coy, I never try to make her angry but she gets angry and still complies. I think of her as "silly and cute". This girl inevested so much emotions towards me when she just could of said no. She said no before and I was cool with it and when I back away she comes back. How does this girls feelings sound to you? I feel like she's fighting them and if she is how can I get her to open up? Thanks chase for everything!