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Best post ever Chase!

I'm currently living through this. I've been dying to be with this girl I met in college in the past few months, she at first seemed to show interest even though she mentioned loosely that she had a boyfriend. We traded a few text messages and then suddenly she just stopped responding, she snapped at me out of the blue when I tried to talk to her in class. Crosses her arms defensively, and won't look me in the eye. Started to ignore me in class. I did ask her out before these behaviors kicked in, so I suppose it might be auto-rejection. And I think I was guilty of sending her some not so nice text messages, came of like a jerk I think. Wished I had discovered you before sending out those messages. And I've been thinking about sending her another text message to see if she responds, but after reading this I know it is over. Time to move on.

Thanks Chase, Love this site. I read it on a dialy basis.