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Hey Chase, I just recently found this reading and really took note of it. I thought maybe you could've give me some advice on my situation. I am in college and decided to talk to a girl who I had met the year before. So after exchanging some text messages I asked her out for dinner. She immediately replied yes and asked when. I took this as a really good sign and so I told her a day. Leading up to that day we had didn't talk much as she had a bunch of exams coming up and lab reports. Which I understood because she is in some pretty difficult classes. Then on the day we were supposed to go to dinner she texted me and said she needed a "rain check" because she still had a lot of homework to do. I said I understood and took it with ease. Since then I have texted her and received responses but then drop the conversation dead out of nowhere. So I don't know if this is from her being busy with school and athletics or if she is not interested. Just thought maybe you could give your oppinion on it