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More guys do this than you would ever know, because you don't date them. They go out of their way to contact/pursue you...and then the minute you show interest they back off. So you think to yourself - "hmm, that's weird...oh well." You forget about it and go about your business. Then he comes back...then he backs off...then back again...then back off...over and over. I had a guy do this and I finally told him off and he got pissed at ME!! Keep in mind there is no contact initiated by me, it is always him. Sorry, but no matter what you wanna tell me, I have never even heard of a girl who plays this juvenile push-pull game. If a girl backs off once, it's usually for good and she never texts you again asking to see you...why the F would she if she didn't want to??? Sure there are always exceptions to every rule and there are probably a teeny percentage of women out there who do this, but this weird behavior is largely exclusive to men. And guys wonder why "all women are bitches?" Lol.