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Dear Chase,

This is an excellent article. It describes that chasing a girl who doesn't like you it's just of wasting time. Hence, could you please advice me on this following issue. Well, recently I've met very attractive and smart girl on fb and we started texting eachother. It turns out that we have much in common in terms of music, movies etc..( btw, astrologically, we are both cancers). However, she studies a lot, and I've asked her when you study do you socialize with people or you hanging out with you books 24/7? She said: are you, indirectly, asking me on a date? Of course I have time but unfortunately very limited. Because, I perceived her answer as a go sign and I've as her out on casual drink and of course she rejected me saying she was too busy with exams.i realize that I've made a huge mistake because I should've never asked her on date, cause she was in fact testing me and I've came out as retarded and coming on too strong guy. I know that there is no turning back after this, I fucked up everything asking her too soon, because we've been talking only for a week or something. However, I've waited several days, and text her did she got a good rest this weekend, she responded without asking me jack sheet and additionally she said I've fell a sleep when I wrote the last message. WTF?! In other words, she is telling me that I'm boring...due to her last stupid message i didn't texted her anything for four days.
Overall, should I ignore her until she approach me first and forget about her completely? She seemed interested but her last messages were really ridiculous and I've obviously misjudged her and wasted my time talking with her cause she never initiates a conversation.
Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!