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Hey Chase this is a really great article. I'm going through something similar. Unfortunately, my social reflexes are very slow and I've never been able to pick up on signals from girls in time. I've known her for about a year now. We used to hangout and I never really noticed her, but she would always be asking me about myself. More recently I realized I liked her. Right away I asked her if she wanted to see a free concert in NYC over facebook, maybe not the best idea. Though ever since then we started to get much closer. She would laugh like an idiot at unfunny things I said. Eventually I told this girl I liked her and she said she didn't feel the same. She is an incredibly sweet girl and would never hurt someone if she didn't have to. I took the rejection very well, and told her I really didn't want her to feel guilty and that I harbored no resentment. I tried to talk to her a couple of times just to be friendly and she would have none of it. I thought to myself maybe she is just uncomfortable and doesn't want to lead me on. We were still on each others snapchat lists and I'd get a snapchat from her every two weeks or so and she'd get one from me a little less often cause I don't send them too often. Then out of nowhere she decides to block me. I have no idea what to make of it so I just started to ignore her because I thought it was what she wanted. Since then it has happened twice that she will be walking in front of me and stop while I pass by. The first time she clearly saw me and obstructed my path completely so that I had to say excuse me to get by. The second time she didn`t even stop. She walked in a circle for no reason and then walked right in front of me up the stairs and exaggerated her hip swing like crazy to make me notice her. I believe that my attention to her has been infrequent enough that she has not become too desensitized to it and still craves the dopamine and endorphins I give her. I really want to see her happy and I would love to tell her how pretty I think she looks if she isn't seeing herself in the right light. How often should I do this so that she always wants more? If I am like a drug to her, that she is willing to go out of her way for, do I have a chance of getting her to let me use her drugs in exchange for mine??