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Hi Chase,

First of all thank you for all your articles, they've been of great help, pity I didn't discover it sooner!

So here is my story: I met a girl at a party and it all happened really fast. I started picking up her signals and led her through almost all the night. It all happened really fast and naturally (i spoke to her about her goals and emotions and led her taking her hand through the crowd a couple of times, it usually doesn't happen like that as i'm a little bit shy). So at the end of the party we agreed on going for a walk and we made out for an hour or so and then said goodbye. I beat myself up for not asking for her number but i finally got it from a friend and we started texting. Everything went great with the texting and 2 months later i saw her again(she lives in another city). It was hard to convince her to meet with me but i persisted and finally managed to set up a date with her, which was fun and really romantic(we kissed and touched each other all the time).

We kept on texting and talking on the phone almost every week and i got really attached emotionally to her. The texting was flirtatious and usually charged with sexual tension. So 3 months after, i went to her city but i was only staying for 2 nights. I sent her a text that i was going to be there and that we should meet up. She agreed on calling me(happy smiley included) but she never did. Then i texted her the next night to go for a walk with me but she answered me back she was really tired and asked me until when i was staying. I answered back that never mind, maybe another time.

I was kind of pissed because of this and because she didn't call me when she said she was going to, so when i was back in my city i sent her a couple of texts to let her see my disappointment, to which, she answered though. The next texts i let go of my hard feelings about her and talked about casual stuff, but she never answered back, what happened? Have i been chasing? Should i keep persisting? It's been almost one month since we had our last interaction, and i was thinking about calling her.

Sorry for the length of comment, thank you again for all your knowledge!