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Hi Chase.
So long story short met a girl online who actually works for the same company I do. She told me on our date that she wasn't going to date me, but got some good mention from another fellow employee. We texted very hot for 2 weeks before I helped her with work on a Saturday... And took her out for a big pre planned date on the Monday. Monday was flawless and she came home with me, bedded her and spent half the next day together. She was still hot for me all week, but then I got a little smotherish wanting to see her. I corrected this, but also confessed I was a bit insecure about my social abilities... Not with women in particular but all around.

She then shut right down on me. After a cold shoulder at work about a 5 days later I called and left a clear concise message straightening the issue out an she started texting me again a day later, but no phone call. After that I only tried to arrange a meeting with her once, to no recognition.

I've simply continued with very infrequent banter and jokes which worked so well initially and I only text after if she texts back. She does, but only very little. She's cooled right off on me clearly... My question is... If I'm not calling or texting with frequent demands on her time...Is it still chasing. I realize now that after the phone call and her not reciprocating a phone call back... I should've distanced myself to show her that her non communication was not to my liking. Cause yea, I'm in this for me... Not just her. For a brief time each week I have to text her for work... So this is where I've integrated some of the jokes and banter... Otherwise I've simply tried to pick my spots and give her space.

Do I force my hand with a meeting to communicate with her my displeasure with the situation and make it clear get in or get out? Our paths don't cross much at work... But it is still a factor. Since her shutting down on me I have found spending time on several other girls and hobbies helpful in my ability to let go more and get my thoughts off her. I have had a pattern like this in the past. This time I'm trying to really learn from it.